I’ve been 10 times to Japan so far (from 2006 to now) and I always feel an intense need to go back. There are many reasons to go to Japan:

  • Japan is unique (culture, city, people, etc.)
  • Japan offers unlimited photography opportunities in every season (except may be summer)
  • Japan is probably the best place on the Earth to eat well, tasty and healthy

Quick Facts


  • Population: 126 Million
  • Capital: Tokyo (38 Million people living in the urban area) 
  • 3rd Economy in the World
  • HDI: very high 0,909 (19th)
  • Currency: Yen (1€ = 125 Yen)
  • Flight from Europe: from 500€ Round-Trip
  • Best Periods to visit: April, November (but also Winter)

The map shows the different places I have visited in Japan so far… You can see that I still have a lot to discover!!!

You will find bellow photo reportages and articles regarding my different journeys in Japan. There are not very consistent since I’ve been traveling to Japan since 2006 and at this time I was only an amateur photographer and a tourist. I’ve also been to Japan for business purpose and with my family. Today, I’m coming back to Japan as a professional travel photographer. Therefore, some article are comprehensive reportage about a destination and some other only a gallery of photos I just want to share.

3 Days to visit Fuji Region with Odakyu Hakone Pass

Usually when you travel in Japan as a foreign tourist, you take the JR-Pass allowing you to go easily from Tokyo to Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima. But Japan Railways doesn’t propose a convenient connection from Tokyo to reach one of the most important place to visit: Mont Fuji area…

Wakayama City, a secret gem in Kansai

Only 1h from Osaka and Kansai Airport, Wakayama city is the capital city of Wakayama prefecture in Kansai Region. This is a quite small city with less than 400,000 people (if you compare to Osaka) but very spread out with a lot of seasides….

4 seasons in Japan to make the best photos

Japan is very famous for its strong seasons colors. Pink Cherry Blossom in Spring, Green humid Summer, Red Momiji in Autumn and Snowy Winter. This article is just a brief outline to show you Japan in the different season, where and when to go and shoot!

Hokkaido in Winter

I’ve always been fascinated by Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan and I wanted to discover it in winter because I was told the snow was unique and the best for skiing. Do you want to know if it’s true? 😉

Chūbu, the heart of Japan

Chūbu Region is the center of Japan and the Japanese Alps, roughly between Tokyo and Osaka. There are a great number of major places to discover and also many hot spots for photographers

Momiji in Nikko

 2h north from Tokyo, Nikko is a must visit during Momiji season with all its shrines and temples, UNESCO World Heritage, and also the lake with the famous Kegon Falls.


Himeji is the iconic castle of Japan. Very easy to access with JR Shinkansen between Osaka and Okayama. It has been renewed very recently and is a must visit and capture in any season


Miyajima or Itsuku-shima is a must visit in Japan even for a first time in the country. This island has been twinned for 10 years with the Mont Saint-Michel in France


Probably the most weirdish place I have ever visit in Japan. This is not beautiful like the place I used to capture. But do you remember the lost island with a city in ruins in Sky Fall (James Bond)? I visited it…


20 iconic photo spots to capture in Tokyo. Where they are? How does it take to go there? When to go? Many tips to get the best of Tokyo


10 iconic photo spots to capture in Kyoto. Where they are? How does it take to go there? When to go? Many tips to get the best of Kyoto


10 iconic photo spots to capture in Osaka. Where they are? How does it take to go there? When to go? Many tips to get the best of Osaka

People in Japan

Beside the weight of conformism and corporatism of the Japanese society, Japanese people like to dress up. From 2006 to 2016, from Harajuku in Tokyo to Gion in Kyoto, I propose you a photo reportage of people I’ve met in Japan!

Food in Japan

First of all for me Japan is about food!! Sushi, Sashimi, Kobe Beef, Ramen, Udon… if you think you know Japanese cuisine, you actually don’t if you haven’t been to Japan! You can eat at the best 3 stars chef restaurant in Tokyo or a bento in the Shinkansen or even some fast-food at the Seven Even, you will always enjoy it and it will taste good! 

Traveling Japan with kids

Japan is very safe and you can easily find anything you need everywhere (but there are more diapers for elderly people than for babies!). The photos are a mix of my son’s journey in Japan in 2014 and 2016. As you can see, he already eats sushi, goes to onsen ryokans and preys in temples!

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