This part of Brittany has always fascinated me for several reasons. As I am originally from the south of Brittany, the Bay of Morlaix and Roscoff evoke for me the wild, raw and far away Brittany of the extreme north. It is Brittany in the strongest sense, Brittany without compromise and which deserves itself. This part of Brittany is not the best known. Yet it offers spectacular landscapes and a surprising heritage.

The Bay of Morlaix is located in Finistère in northern Brittany. It straddles between Léon in the west and Le Trégor in the east. Morlaix and Roscoff are the main cities of the destination with respectively 14 000 and 3 000 inhabitants. The Bay is therefore sparsely populated and very well preserved. It is the wild Brittany of northern Finistère (formerly called Léon).  Morlaix is nevertheless only 3 hours by train from Paris, which makes the destination very accessible!

I will take you to precisely 5 different places around the Bay of Morlaix: Roscoff, L’Ile-de-Batz, Carantec, Plougasnou and Locquirec.

For me the Bay of Morlaix in short, it is:

  • A small Breton corsair harbor, city of character (Roscoff)
  • A floating Fort that has nothing to envy to Fort Boyard (the Bull Castle)
  • The wild and preserved coast (Ile-de-Batz, Ile Callot and Plougasnou)

More information to organize your stay: you can consult the website of the destination.

Baie de Morlaix Bretagne Finistere map 01
Baie de Morlaix Bretagne Finistere map 02

Roscoff, the Emblematic Port of the Bay

Roscoff is a small Breton fishing port and seaside resort. The port of Roscoff allows you to reach England by ferry. The history of Roscoff is rich as evidenced by its architectural heritage dating from the Renaissance. It has notably welcomed Mary Stuart, the Queen of Scotland. My advice is to stay there at least at night to enjoy the sunset and stroll in the harbor in the morning.

Photo spots in Roscoff:

  • Sainte-Barbe Chapel: perfect for sunset but also sunrise.
  • On the jetty of the Roscoff port: view of the old town with the port and its boats in the foreground.
  • The tip of Perharidy and its heavenly beach

Port of Roscoff in the morning from its pier


View of Roscoff from the Sainte-Barbe Chapel at sunset



Ile-de-Batz is located just north of Roscoff. It is easily accessible by ferry. The crossing takes 15 minutes and leaves every hour during the season. The tour of the island (15km) can be done on foot or by bike during the day. I advise nevertheless to stay there at night to take advantage of the quietness of the very wild island (and incidentally to be able to make the sunset and sunrise on the island).

Also to be taken into consideration: the tide schedule. Indeed, the island and especially its port looks much better at high tide.

Photo spots on the Ile-de-Batz:

  • The port of the Ile-de-Batz at high tide
  • The church is quite surprising, especially inside.
  • The beaches of Greve Blanche and Port Alliou

Town of Ile-de-Batz


Bike tour to Batz Island


Church of the Island of Batz


Carantec in the heart of the Bay

Carantec is the place to go to discover the Bay of Morlaix!

What to see in the Bay of Morlaix from Carantec:

  • The Castle of Taureau: fort that was built in the 16th century to protect the Bay of the English and renovated by Vauban.
  • Louët Island: the emblematic island of the Bay of Morlaix with its lighthouse and its house.
  • Callot Island: accessible at low tide, this wild island looks like a Polynesian atoll 

Photo spots in the Bay from Carantec: 

  • Pointe du Cosmeur: at sunrise and sunset for the view of Carantec on one side and the Bay of Morlaix with the Ile Louët and the Castle of Taureau.
  • Pointe de L’Ile Callot (accessible on foot at low tide)
  • Town with the church of Carantec 

To stroll in the Bay of Morlaix, several options: 


Castle of Taureau


Louët Island


Callot Island



The commune of Plougasnou encompasses the eastern (or Tregor) part of the Bay of Morlaix. The coast at Plougasnou is rugged and wild.

At the small port of Térénez, there is a sailing school where you can rent a catamaran to sail around the Bay of Morlaix. 

Photo spots accessible on foot for the sunset:

  • Pointe de Primel
  • Diben Point

Pointe de Primel from the customs hut


Catamaran in the Bay of Morlaix

Baie de Morlaix Bretagne Finistere Plougasnou01

The Point of Primel

Baie de Morlaix Bretagne Finistere Pointe de Primel 01


The Port of Locquirec is in the extreme east of Finistère, at the gateway to the Côtes d’Armor and its Pink Granite Coast.

The tip of Locquirec offers a view of the entire western part of the Pink Granite Coast and Trébeurden.

To see and take a picture:

  • The Saint-Jacques de Locquirec church with its frescoes
  • Notre Dame des Joies Chapel

Interior of the Church of Saint-Jacques de Locquirec with its fresco


Interior of the Chapel Notre Dame des Joies

Baie de Morlaix Bretagne Finistere locquirec01

Port of Locquirec


View of the port of Locquirec

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