4 seasons in Japan to make the best photos

This article is a brief summary of what to do and shoot during the different seasons in Japan. I will make comprehensive articles for each season.

Spring – Pink Japan

The most famous period to visit Japan but beware of the heavy touristic affluence, especially during cherry blossom. It may spoil the experience

  • End of March – Beginning of April: Hanami (cherry blossom peak) in Tokyo & Kansai regions
  • Mid-End April: cherry blossom around Mont Fuji + Wisterias booming
  • Early May: Cherry Blossom in Hokkaido

To know with accuracy cherry blossom peak forecast, you can check different website

japan cherry blossom kyoto
japan cherry blossom cat
japan cherry blossom osaka castle
japan cherry blossom osakaj

Summer – Green Japan

I would recommend not to go to Japan at this period. It’s hot and humid. The light is not the best for photo. May be a nice period to visit Hokkaido.

But it you like to see and make photos of fireworks and festivals, it could be interested though


Autumn – Red Japan

October to December: this is “Koyo” season. Great period to visit Japan and capture the red color leaves (Momiji).

Momiji only lasts few days in each region. It’s very important to know exactly when is the exact period of colorful leaves peak not to miss it. Even in the same destination, colorful leaves peak can vary depending on the weather condition and the altitude. In Nikko for example, the lake area at 1400m height has its peak mid October when the temple area is beginning of November.

There are also websites to check the forecast:

Japan Kyoto Loic Lagarde bestof

Winter – White Japan

Winter in Tokyo and Kansai regions is clement. This is the perfect season to shoot Mont Fuji with the largest snow cap and a clear atmosphere from Tokyo.

This is also the good time to visit the monkeys having a good time in the hot springs in Jigokudani near Nagano!

At last, this is the perfect period to experience the unique powder snow of Japan on the ski slopes (in Nagano or in Hokkaido).

    Japan winter cover01
    Japan winter cover03
    Japan winter cover02
    Japan winter cover04
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